Wednesday, July 30, 2008

WIP - Gear change

This is the latest WIP - Gear change animation done as part of my class assignment. Still got to polish this shot well for my demo reel.

any c & c's are welcome.

Monday, July 28, 2008

WIP - Ballman Pantomime

This is a pantomime assignment done as part of my sem-3 assignment. Where we need to come out with a concept(story/gag) for the 2 legged character. Until the last moment I had no clue of what concept I would do; then the idea of this guy inside a glass popped up and then I just built it up.

This again need to be polished bit more for the demo reel. So i am calling this as a WIP.

Any comments and critics on this are welcome :)

WIP - Weightlift Animation

This is a weight lift assignment done as part of my 2nd semester assignment, this however need more polishing work. i have plans of adding a little more in the end where he would spin the box and throw it off, which means the box is weight less and he is acting as if its heavy ;)

Any c&c's welcome. Fingers crossed i have got to fix this up for my demo reel which needs to be prepared in a months time :>

WIP - Jump animation

This is the jump assignment done as part of my 2nd semester assignment. I will need to polish this more and this is still on WIP. Any comments or critics are welcome.