Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mono Acting :]

Amatur video please excuse the guy who took this :]
Hey found this one after a long time, this was the first time when I really tried acting, Thanks to my class mates for tolerating. I was asked to do a momo act, so I decided to play two characters. Check this out. was a bad actor :] 

But I liked the idea :]

Friday, May 1, 2009

Pantomime Script

My favourite Pantomime is up and on its way to the end of blocking.

Hey I take up this as an oppurtunity to ask all to discuss any story. Would love to participate and help. This could be a good learning experience for both side :]

Well, wanted to post a rough script for my Pantomime:

A theatre stage with a mic in the front. an actor walks to the front of the stage and is about to deliver a dialog but forgets it. The audience are all irritated and they start throwing stuff at him.

1st a tomato, then a milk bottle, then a rubber duck, then an arrow, knife, stones, teeth, a guys wife etc and finally a tyre. 

The tyre hits the back of the stage and then the entire backdrop falls off.

The audience shout

There are 2 people kissing eachother, as the backdrop falls off both of them are embarassed and then run off the stage.

Seeing this the audiance start liking the situation and they clap.

The actor thinks the audience are clapping for him suddenly and start bowing to the audience.
While the actor bows one of the guys again run from left to right or viceversa.